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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


So I think it's time I update my blog again. I'm at my sister's house right now so I decided I'd take advantage of the WORKING internet, rather than wait ages while the stupid pages load and I have to go back and write it over again after it all crashes. Lol.

Anyway, exam time has arrived. Woot!Woot! I got one done and I think it went alright. I knew what I was talking about... sort of. I just couldn't remember the name of the poem I was talking about. Shucks. I have one on Friday which will be great, one Saturday afternoon which will suck and one Tuesday morning, which will rock! French, oh how I lov eyou. You boost my GPA, like tons!

My birthday also came and went. I am now the big 2-0, which Caell likes to mock me for getting old. Though may I remind him that his birthday is coming up quite soon as wel. My family visited which was very nice. It was so good to see them though their stay was short and a little cold considering it was freezing outside! But I was so glad to see them. A couple friends and I also went out that night for an amazing night on the town to celebrate. Adrienne, Kimber, Caell, and I went to a club in Hamilton, lol, which royally sucked, so then ended up in Hess Village, which was actually fun.

Anyway, now everyone is just sleeping in, getting some studying done and looking forward to Christmas holidays. I wasn't originally looking forward to them because I didn't think I was going ot get ot go home but, praise the Lord, I am not working Christmas eve or the day before so I can have at least 3 days at home! SO excited. I may end up working boxing day as well, but if the sdcheduling lady goes by my availability I'm not technically available that day. Oops. Lol, definitely boosted my spirits for the next ewek or so. I thought I was going ot have to live all by myself for 2 weeks straight over the holidays. How fun would that be.

Anyway, I should probably get going so I can catch a bus home and do a bit of shopping. Hope eveyrone is either done exams or doing well at them or getting through them or looking forward to christmas! only a week and a half left people! woot! woot!

Chow :)


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