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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I feel terrible folks. I can't believe that I haven't written for OVER a week and a half. Its terrible. Hehe, but let it be known, I have been so busy I've been losing my mind. Out of my skull. Egads. Help!

Hehe, tons has happened in the past week and a half. Awesome concert at the Underground last week. Fun times... except for the guy jumping around in a speedo, and the other guys horking at each other, oh and that guy that told us to ahem... pull that ahem... out of our ahem... Yeah, that wasn't SO much fun. But all in all, fun fun. Lol. Saturday was work. And shopping! WOohoo! Then we had a good time at Crabby's. Except for a certain dude throwing pieces of crayon at my glasses. Hes just lucky he didn't break them ;).

Sunday was sleeping in time (sorry God), and crazy study time. This is the night I officially freaked out and was stressing out of my skull. Huh... But hey, the psych test is over now. ANd I think I did all right. Tuesday saw a pretty good French test, a grammar test I got 50% on, a paper that I wrote the night before which actually turned out awesome. I've worked Monday, and today (Wednesday) of this week and still have to work Friday and Saturday. Woohoo to that! Hehe, not so fun, except large paycheck. So I guess I'm okay with it. And I think I'm having dinner with Diana Friday night so amen to that!!

Right now I am procrastinating because I have a takehome midterm due tomorrow that, if you can believe it, I haven't started yet! Haha, oh goodness. I am officially a loser. Or I just work extremely well under pressure. I'm going to go with the latter. THat's right. My best work comes out at 2 in the morning when my assignment is due in 6 hours. Hehehe.

The most entertaining moment of this week came when I had a very unfortunate but utterly hilarious freudian slip. Patrick asked if I was hitting on him and I said... Yes, I want you Caell. endquote. Now Caell is a friend from downstairs, Patrick is a friend from offcampus. Lol, oh boy. Kind of embarassing. BUt hilarious all the same. And if you don't understand the term Freudian slip, look it up. Google it as they say. I don't have the itme to explain. Hehe.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enduring this cold wet weather. It royally sucks for riding to work in the morning and afternoon. Shiver!!!! But still gorgeous all the same. Thanks God.

Chow my friends!


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