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Sunday, October 24, 2004

when and where God

Today at The Bridge Mr. Rob (his name is Rob Powell, don't ask me why I called him Mr. Rob) was talking about family. It was a really good sermon. I didn't like it at first when he said the Bible rejects family, but he made a good point about it. I think it was just the way he worded it that bugged me. Ask me about the point if you'd like. But I'm not goign to explain it cuz thats not the point of this blog. Why I'm mentioning this service is because they showed a Samaritan's Purse video about Operation Christmas Child. It was a movie showing them giving out the christmas shoeboxes to all these kids right. I'm sure most of you have already seen it. It just made me cry. That's what I want to do with my life. I want to be able to give something to children that makes them so full of joy they can't contain themselves. I don't care or how, God tell me that, I just want to make these kids happy! I don't want to be stuck in smelly Hamilton or small-town Claremont. I can't tell myself that I've been doing nothing so far towards this goal. I spent my summer on my own short term missions venture at good 'ol UAC. It felt so good to provide a place to go for these city kids where they had so much fun they didn't know what to do with themselves. Anyway, to not keep blabbing... seeing the movie this morning encouraged me on my passion in life. Now all I need is God to show me who and where and when.

On a funnier note, we went to Brampton Friday night. How fun was that. Apart from being exhausted we went to the department sized LCBO. This event involved me giving $5 bucks to the wrong thug who then walked past the right thug and acted like he never took his money. Even funnier was when Kimber and I both saw the money I yelled "hey buddy!" while Kimber yelled all innocently, "excuse me sir!" OH Kimber, how I love her. Honestly someone should have videotaped it. Hilarious.

Also, I worked at Zellers yesterday. And you know. Its crazy on a Saturday. Its like people can only shop on a Saturday. Doesn't make sense to me! But it was a good day. Apart from biking to Meadowlands at 8 in the morning in the FREEZING cold it went well. I had a nice fruit salad from the diner for 'brunch'. I even got nice compliments from customers. It makes my day when I have nice customers and I can chat with them. They renew my faith or trust in good people. Unfortunately there were a couple incidents I could do without. Like the lady who called her daughter ( a toddler) 'the Beast' to her older daughter, in front of the toddler. I wanted to smack her. How dare someone call her child a Beast just because the girls is stuck in a grocery cart and is pretty antsy. Argh! Also the three or four screaming babies throughout the day made for an exciting work environment! THank you Lord for giving me extreme patience cuz I was able to get through it. All my customers were complaining but really, did they have to work for 6 hours and sit through at least 3 chidlren screaming for a full 20 minutes while they wait in line? No, they only had to listen to one child for about 10 minutes and then they could leave. Awww, muffin. Suck it up!

Haha, okay I'm done. My family is coming up THursday or Friday to drop my sisters off to stay for a couple nights. I'm awfully excited - I miss them terribly. Also my friend Christina is hopefully coming up the Monday too to stay for a couple nights, how excited am I! You better still come :).

But I should go do work now. Enjoy the perpetual mist fellow residents of Hamilton! Chow.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I feel terrible folks. I can't believe that I haven't written for OVER a week and a half. Its terrible. Hehe, but let it be known, I have been so busy I've been losing my mind. Out of my skull. Egads. Help!

Hehe, tons has happened in the past week and a half. Awesome concert at the Underground last week. Fun times... except for the guy jumping around in a speedo, and the other guys horking at each other, oh and that guy that told us to ahem... pull that ahem... out of our ahem... Yeah, that wasn't SO much fun. But all in all, fun fun. Lol. Saturday was work. And shopping! WOohoo! Then we had a good time at Crabby's. Except for a certain dude throwing pieces of crayon at my glasses. Hes just lucky he didn't break them ;).

Sunday was sleeping in time (sorry God), and crazy study time. This is the night I officially freaked out and was stressing out of my skull. Huh... But hey, the psych test is over now. ANd I think I did all right. Tuesday saw a pretty good French test, a grammar test I got 50% on, a paper that I wrote the night before which actually turned out awesome. I've worked Monday, and today (Wednesday) of this week and still have to work Friday and Saturday. Woohoo to that! Hehe, not so fun, except large paycheck. So I guess I'm okay with it. And I think I'm having dinner with Diana Friday night so amen to that!!

Right now I am procrastinating because I have a takehome midterm due tomorrow that, if you can believe it, I haven't started yet! Haha, oh goodness. I am officially a loser. Or I just work extremely well under pressure. I'm going to go with the latter. THat's right. My best work comes out at 2 in the morning when my assignment is due in 6 hours. Hehehe.

The most entertaining moment of this week came when I had a very unfortunate but utterly hilarious freudian slip. Patrick asked if I was hitting on him and I said... Yes, I want you Caell. endquote. Now Caell is a friend from downstairs, Patrick is a friend from offcampus. Lol, oh boy. Kind of embarassing. BUt hilarious all the same. And if you don't understand the term Freudian slip, look it up. Google it as they say. I don't have the itme to explain. Hehe.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enduring this cold wet weather. It royally sucks for riding to work in the morning and afternoon. Shiver!!!! But still gorgeous all the same. Thanks God.

Chow my friends!


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Back at School...

Well, we are all officially back at school and out of holiday mode. Sniff...sniff... I like holiday mode much more than school mode I'm afraid. But oh well... it'll end soon right?

The rest of my Thanksgiving weekend was incredibly fun. Monday we had all the family over and I think it was our best family visit yet. Everyone was in a good mood and we went for a hike and had tons of fun. At the same time it was depressing and sad because the only reason we had such a good time was because our Grandpa's wife didn't come. She "wasn't feeling well." Now you won't understand (you meaning whoever reads this) but just believe me. Hehe, its very depressing when we have a good time because one of our famliy members isn't there, and everyone realizes this as well. Ugh. Anyway, overall Thanksgiving was great.

On my second day back (yesterday) I had my first day at work - Zellers! I'm not sure whether to Woot!Woot! or boohoo :(. Hehe, but it went well as well, thank you Lord. I only had a few mishaps, had lots of customers. It was all really fun. What I didn't realize though was that I have to call people over the PA. I have to pick up the phone and say like... "ladies wear call 304, ladies wear call 304". Freak me out! Hehe, I was so afraid I was going to mess it up! Sheesh. Hehe, but at the end of my shift I got my Zellers shirt. Hehe, I know, wrong order. And I look ultra cool in it if you will, except that because of my monstrously long torso (grr tall genes) its a teensy weensy bit short. Which means if I ever accidentally put it in a warm wash or in the dryer I'M SCREWED! Hehe. But working at Zellers also means that I have an excuse to go buy a pair of semicasual black pants, like Dickies or something. Woohoo! Shopping trip! let's do it Adrienne :).

Anyway, work work work. Isn't that what I'm supposed to do here? Work. Right.

Chow my friends. I miss my family :(.


Saturday, October 09, 2004

Ahh... St. Jacob's

Well, I've only been home a day. But it has been such a fun day I just had to blog about it. First of all, the saddest part of the day was that we didn't get to sleep in. Sniff...sniff... We had to jet off to St. Jacobs to meet the g.parents for an early lunch. But its okay, there was coffee made so I was all set. We had lunch at the Stone Crock with Grandma and Grandpa. It was tons of fun, except I think I've trained my body to eat lunch at like 3 unfortunately so I wasn't in the mood for a big brunch. But it was nice to see my grandparents again. Afterwards we decided to go shopping and went to this store called "Earthwinds." As you can gather from the name it was all these Indian, Middle Eastern type clothing and really cool touristy things. Anyway, I bought a couple things :(. Smote me now! Haha, but I found this gorgeous really cool, sarong deal fancy skirt with ribbon and stuff. Its so pretty! I also found a really cool knitted hat that matches my new scarf and my winter coat so all in all that store was a jackpot. Oh and I forgot! Tal, I didn't mention this to you. The Campus Crew store in the mall had everything at like 5$ to 10$ bucks! So us girls got these really cool long sleeve Ts. And hallelujah, they are really longsleeved! How fun. Anyway, I should probably go back to hang out with the family since thats why I'm home, oh and to get some of that soup ;). Just ask 201 about this soup. Chow my friends. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


Friday, October 08, 2004

Its Thanksgiving!

Well guys, it is thanksgiving weekend! I'm so excited. Okay, sorry you Americans, but its Thanksgiving here. And I am excited. I'm about to go home for the weekend... and have lots of turkey! Haha, boy I'm a nerd. Anyway, yeah I hope everyone has a great thankgsiving, what are we all thankful for? I could go on and on so to answer that question so I just won't.

By the way, what is happening to the weather these days. This past tuesday it was freezing cold and I had to run in a sweatshirt and gloves. Today it is so gorgeous and we're all walking around in T-shirts! I'm so confused. Confwused! and Confwuffled! But hey can I complain. I guess not. The only problem now is what to pack seeing as I don't know whether it'll be cold at home or stay warm, or get cold the last day. Ugh.

Oh and more exciting news! I finally got my first shift at Zellers. How exciting. I called them up and she hadn't put me on the schedule yet but she just said to come in anyway to get started. By the way, for those of you who aren't in Expo. 201, the previous sentence is incorrect.... because you don't know who the she I'm referring to is. Aha! See, I've learned something. WOot!WOot! Now all I have to do is learn the rest of the grammar crap and I'll be set. What fun.

Well now I guess I should pack cuz I have to leave in an hour. Happy Thanksgiving!


Monday, October 04, 2004

Screens... are a wonderful thing.

Well. Here I am procrastinating from finishing my English paper. I'm horrible. I've half written it. But now I just have to stick it in my computer and finish it up. Only problem = I don't want too. Soooooo, I think I'll do whatever else needs to be done BEFORE I do this stupid paper.

On another interesting Oy-Redeemer note, I just realized that my window screen hasn't actually been latched in this whole time and by randomly hitting it popped out of my window. Now both the latches aren't working and won't actually latch in to the window. What fun! So now its sitting up against my closer wall and my window is open. I could jump out of it and fall to my death at the moment. Well, okay its only the second floor. So really I could just break my neck. Hmm... that would be fun. Bahaha! totally kidding.

Well, thanksgiving is coming up this weekend. We're all pretty much going home. I'm not sure whether I'll have to come back early to work but hopefully I can stay home longer. We'll see. I get to see my grandparents too! That's exciting. I haven't seen them in forever and I got a letter from my a couple days ago and now I miss them. I'm not really close to them to begin with but they are still so cool, and adorable, and sweet, and I ruv them. So there.

Huh... what to talk about. What to do? Anything but write a paper. Please. Anything. Haha, gee. Maybe I should go do it now. Seeing as I'm trying so hard not to do it. Chow my friends