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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Teacher? or Librarian?

Well today was a gorgeous day. And successful! I went to the dentist, ugh, but thank the Lord had no cavities. And I got a new toothbrush which I was hoping for because I need one. Haha. I also got new glasses. Woohoo! They are so funky, yet we're having trouble deciding on what they make me look like. Ali says librarian. Lindsay says teacher. Mom and Dad just say ooohhhh...ahhhh..... Hehe, I love 'em. Anyway, I've made a dint in the stuff I've got to do. God is really looking after me this week. Hes opened up some ideas to deal with worries about school, one example being getting hooked up with a job, which sounds good to me! At least its not completely hooked up yet, but almost :). Anyway, I can't think of much else to write at ze momente. Maybe later.

Chow :)


Sunday, August 29, 2004

An Ode to small towns

Well, nothing much exciting has happened in my life recently. Same old same old work, rain, and no tan. Lol, just kidding on the no tan part, well tan relative to me... not my sister Lindsay who looks macedonian. Anyway, there has been some happenings around ye ol' small town of Claremont... a shooting! Hehe, how exciting! Well, I thought it was exciting, Mom and Dad were worried about the guy being shot at, as was I, but it was still so exciting! When I drove home from work Friday night there was caution tape wrapped around the General Store and immediate area with 4 police cars and plainclothes detectives and their cars around. My dad ended up finding the scoop and turns out a couple dudes came in the store around 8:30 ( in broad daylight I might add, what dimwits) and shot at the owner who was in the back storage room thank the Lord. I guess he saw them coming so closed the storage door and moved away. For some reason the two dudes were scared or something and only stole some cigarettes and a couple DVDs which they threw out their getaway car window. Anyway, the owner monsieur Daniel went chasing after them!!! The people who witnessed this whole thing watched these 2 guys with hooded masks and everything run down the street with Daniel (the Chinese guy that runs the store) running after them and they shot at him one more time! Lol, you Scarboroughtonians probably think is nothing compared to your last ocuple months... oh and the B-dot as well Tal ;), but man it was all the news in Claremont. Daniel was even giving out tours of the gunshot holes and fingerprinting stuff the next morning. Hahaha.

On second thoughts I wanted to warn my trusty females that love the Old Navy flip flops as much as I do. They have no traction!!! Haha, hopefully some of you haven't found this out the hard way but I sure did! I have fallen once and slipped 4 times so far today in the rain while wearing 2 pairs of the flops.

And Adrienne! I have exciting news for you. Hehe, you won't think it exciting at all, but I am so excited about it. And eventually my whole dorm will hear about it I'm sure, but this news is for you Adrienne. Lol, just for you.

Well, chow for now my friends. School is in a week. I'll see most of you soon. Time to chillax!


Friday, August 27, 2004

Back in ze GTA ... oh so sad

Well here I am. Back in the immediate GTA. I was going to say city but if you've seen Claremont you would absolutely not call that a city. A lot has happened since I last updated. To start off I worked every day last weekend and it was long and boring and horrible. Then I drove 2 hours north to stay in our family trailer. What fun was that. We canoed til we collapsed, played Dutch Blitz and Speed my two favorite card games, I finally got a ball of hemp wed. night which satisfied my urge to make some necklaces or bracelets. The food was good, weather mediocre, speaker awesome. There was a special group there called Answers in Genesis that did all the mroning and evening chapels. There sermons were so interesting! We went to Fossils and the Flood, Is There Really a God? and the something about the real Scopes Trial. Boy did I learn a lot. Okay not that much, but I feel like I did. Some very intersting points to look at. I missed the one about Dinosaurs which I was really hoping to hear but oh well. Last night right after we got home us girls went and got our haircuts. Excitement!!!!! We both got layers done, I finally got my ends trimmed, ugh they were so dead. So now my hair is kinda layered and I can use my straightener to make it even better. So exciting. Today I went up to trusty 'ol Keswick and helped my aunt tidy and organize her house somewhat. That was exhausting! And then unfortunately I had to take a girl's shift tonight so I just got back from work. The one thing I am looking forward to though is my last day of work. Everyone seems to be rude and it is getting non my nerves. For instance Mark from jewellery, I used to work with him in shoes, is set on coming to my school and corrupting it with making a Girls Gone Wild movie. Oh brother, lol, I can't seem to convince him it won't work, oh well. Gibson from shoes has ruined my idea about buying these cools boxers... but I think I'll spite him anyway. But hey... a week left right? Hmm, I can't htink of anything else to say, and I need to get some food in me cuz I'm feeling faint. Have a great weekend everyone! Oh and some excitement is that my dormmates are flying in from BC on Sunday! Pray for safety, and woohoo!



Thursday, August 19, 2004

Shout out to Kid's Kapers !!!

Well today was officially my last day working for Kid's Kapers at Unionville Alliance Church. Some of my fellow coworkers seemed pretty excited about this... but I on the other hand am kind of upset. I mean... It is nice to have the camps over, the kids gone, the stress over and done with. I didn't exactly enjoy getting up so early to get to work relativley on time. But despite all my complaining... I have had one of the best summers in a long time. Did I write that right? Not sure. I just enjoyed working with the SSWs and Leslie and Verna soooo much. They are so great! So I was trying to think of a title to this blog. But I decided to call make it a shoutout to my Kid's Kapers buds. To Leslie... my tall blonde twin, you are so fun and I loved visiting/working with you. Don't shrink my Tall Girl Shop buddy... I dont' know what I'd do without you. To David... you are hilarious and I think you're so brave for going to TW in B.C. I apologize for all our girl talk you had to endure, hehe, but can I make a suggestion? Stop trying to make conflict... pleeeeeeease...... I dont' like it. But seriously you are an awesome guy... and don't lose your Hulk backpack Mr. I-wear-SpongeBobSquarePants-sandals ;), oh, and keep hunting down those Forky Tails! To Christina... my short morning pick-up buddy... I love your "rock-ons!" You are hilarious! Hehe, I will never forget your invitation to the g-hetto! Come visit me anytime girl, but only if you've started growing hair on your arms and legs. Deal? And p.s. you WILL design my house when I get one :). To Will... oh Will, what can I say to you. You are an uber cool guy... and I mean UBER. Don't underestimate yourself... and try not to break all those little girls hearts that are going to be falling for you minute by minute. And you ROCK at stories buddy... keep up the drama! To Kristen... You're gorgeous. I love your style and all your knowledge about everything. Psst... I won't tell anyone about our toes ;) I'm so sad you're not planning on coming back next summer, but if you change your mind... you know you want too! Hehe, good luck at school! To Rebekah... uber UBER cool Rebekah. You Shermans are so much fun. You ooze a confidence and strength in God that I strive for. In case you don't know already but you are such a brilliant woman... I can't wait to see what God has in store for you! Well... thats the Kid's kapers team. A bunch of brilliant people who are so good with kids and overall good at everything. I will miss you all so much this next year... please keep in touch! And if you ever want to come visit I might be able to hook you up with some tall dutch guys!... or some short brown guys (hehe, for you Jehan). I will be praying for you all.

And to finish this long thing off. I am looking forward to my week at the trailer next week. I plan on playing tennis, doing some running, making hemp everything, braiding my siss' hair... etc. Tons of fun! Oh and relaxing... I forgot the most important thing. Can anyone believe theres only 2 weeks til school? Goodness me. Hmm....

Chow my friends :)


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Forced by my sister to add this...

Well... on behalf of my sister I had to add this little comment to today's blog. When asked by her where the book of Titus was in the Bible I proceeded to say.. there is no book named Titus in the Bible. Oh goodness where did I come from! Lol and I'm the one goign to a Bible College/University. Uh-oh. Smote me now God :).



Well. It's been almost a week since my last post. Not sure why. Just not had the urge to write anything I guess. I know how Jehan and others feel now when they don't think they have anything to say. I do have some things to put on here though. Like our exciting trip to a Blue Jays game at the SkyDome. Oh, what a day. Let me tell you ;). It started off with a pretty crazy morning in Sunday School. Just ask David about Jayden and his dinosaur. Umm... yeah, just ask. Then the rest of the kids started coming around eleven and we left on the bus around 11:30. It was a surprisingly quick trip! Anyway to cut this story short though its incredibly exciting, my group to look after was originally these two boys that were in my group last week. The one kid was the Topher guy who almost drove me to a mental institution. Anyway, I was a bit worried about that but it turned out to be a good day........ except... for this cute little girl who decided to hang off me that particular day rather than Rebekah or Leslie. Well, she maybe stopped touching me for about five minutes. My little group also spilled their drinks 3 times. Thats right... I had to run and get napkins 3 TIMES!!!!!!!! Who needs a Stairmaster... just take a bunch of kids to the skydome! Oh and I have one complaint. Just one for this blog. Whichever dimwit approved the plan to keep the lids off pop bottles is a complete loser. Unless they want to provide packs of napkins to go with each bottle they should definitely start giving us back our lids. I'm done with running to mop up spills cuz my kids are too young to not kick them. Anyway... afterwards Karima... an incredibly cool chick I HAVE to tell you about, Christina, and our boss Verna and her fam went to get our free pizza slice from Pizza Pizza cuz the Jays got 7 strike outs. Excellent! And that was my day.

Oh... so about Karima. She is this uber cool chick that I worked with at Kid's Kapers last week. She is the 5th child of 9. WOW! And the last four are still with her parents who are missionaries in Jordan. Sounds so awesome. But the coolest htink yet I think is that she reads from an Arabaic Bible!!! She showed me her Bible on Sunday and it reads from back to front... well in my language, and shes got vreses underlined, notes in the margin... all like a regular Bible just in a completely different language! So awesome in my opinion. She rocks.

Thats all I can think about thats uber exciting. I'm going to the trailer this Sunday for almost a week. So looking forward to the long overdue vacation. I think I'm burning myself out unfortunately. Sorry Tal, I disobeyed the dictator. Haha, give me a few days at the trailer. I'll be my normal self again. Oh, and I'm looking forward to an upcoming trip to ze Tall Girl Shop with none other than Leslie, my fellow tall blonde friend. Haha, who else to go to a store for tall women with?!

Well Chow my friends :)


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Whoever picked the movie this time rocks!?!

Alright. Just got back from seeing the Notebook with my older sister, Anne. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That movie is awesome! Its so good! But its also incredibly sad... We had to fight from crying for like the whole movie. Lol, the end was the best though... well the end was like uber sad actually, but it was hilarious cuz almost everyone in the theatre, which was only a few, was wanting to cry, lol, Anne and I finally started laughing... so the rest of the crew started laughign too! During the credits almost all of us were laughing /sobbing... you know how that goes right girls? Lol, horrible. None of us wanted to leave cuz we looked so horrible! I did have a pair of sunglasses to rescue me though. But those theatre guys must be used to it by now! the movies been out for like 2 months.

By the way, I'm confused. My sister said that Alzheimer's is the disease that just affects the memory, but every thing else is all good. But I was sure that it affects everything else too. Can any of you geniuses tell me whos right? And I won't hunt you down if you tell me I'm wrong ;).

Oh. And suggestion. If you ever need to find an address for someone... reverse phone searches work wonders! I've used it twice now and been right both times. Rock on!

Chow :)


Monday, August 09, 2004

Yeah for new shoes!

Alright world. I'm ashamed to say that my biggest most exciting news for this weekend/past week was that I bought a pair of shoes. Yep, thats right, ANOTHER pair of shoes. But these shoes rock I have to say. They are the Adidas sandals that have the massaging ball things. They are so cool! And I waited for them to go down to only $16 bucks. They were regular 40. Who loves savings?!

Well, today was the first day of the last week of camp. Oh my, what can I say. I was assured last week that my group was good. Turns out Leslie our fearless team leader put the four most rowdiest rambunctious boys in my group... and later added another nonstoptalker boy that was in an all girl group. Oh my. One wants me to call him Agent Lazy Lard, one will punch me and yell "scandalous" every time I call him Topher, one keeps ripping off scabs that I have to do first aid on, and the other 2 are just torture. And to top it all off tomorrow we have to do the mosaic mirror craft. Save me! I can't complain too much though, everything else is still fun, my Bible story went great this morning and the boys are rather entertaining. God is good.

I would like to ask you guys for some prayer though. I've got something weighing on my heart at the moment. I'm trying so hard to listen to what Gods telling me.

Chow :)


Friday, August 06, 2004

Who suggested Harold & Kumar?!

Well, its a Friday night. Just went and saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with my friend Diana, her little sis and a couple of her friends. It was tons of fun... except the movie was not worth wasting a cheap $6 bucks on. I mean, it was hilarious in parts... and others I was sitting watching the American Pie movies again... i.e. a waste of your time. If they scrapped the stupid comments and nudity parts the movie would be great! To top off the evening we went to MacDonalds where I almost fell flat on my face cuz they'd just washed the floor... and when I got home I had the blondest moment yet. We got happy meals. Woohoo too university students buying happy meals! Anyway, the little toy are the Ty teenie bears. The tag said Shake the Bear. So guess what Claire, the 50% natural blonde did... thats right.... she shook the bear. Haha, oh. boy. It honestly went through my head that maybe the color got darker or something. Lol. Then I thought about it. Wait... wait! Shake... the Bear! His name! Hence the picture of a milkshake on his chest. Ah man. If only there was a camera around. Hmm...
Well... off to get some zzsss, yes I know its early, I'm exhausted, but I don't have to get up at 6:30 next week! Woohoo! Yet I do have to work tomorrow and Sunday, hence commencing the continuous day sof work with no time off... AGAIN. Grr.

Chow :)


Thursday, August 05, 2004

Butter yellow, Peach, and Booger brown

Well, we are officially about to start our last camp of the summer. This is a special camp because it is in correlation (sorry Tal, I don't think I used the right meaning of this word... I just love it so much!) with this company Kids Games. They do sports and stuff with the kids at a different spot and it is still a Christian organization which rocks. So anyway, half the outings are to this place to play sports. So to explain the title of this blog, we finally had our T-shirts delivered. I don't know if I've already written here but all summer we've had to wear our Kid's Kapers bright yellow T-shirts. Now these are a gorgeous bright yellow. I love 'em. Anyway, we have diff't shirts for this special Kids Games camp. Which as I already said... we got today.... and found out they are a pale butter yellow golf shirt! They are a nice golf polo type deal... but butter yellow! Hehe, ah man. And to top it off the kids get these soccer jerseys with the Kids Games logo on them, which we thought normally a camp gets all the same style of jerseys, they all look the same, blah blah blah. Nope. Not this Kids games crew. We had two garbage bags full of over a 100 jerseys that were basically leftovers. Completely different colors and patterns ranging from hot pink to booger brown as my twin likes to call it ( I call it gold) and they are all diff't brands which results in diff't sizes. ARE THEY TRYING TO MAKE ZE PARENTS ANGRY AND GIVE US A DIFFICULT TIME!!! Anyway, we asked a favour of the snarkiest lady that works at the church who doesn't like me for some reason to come and hand out the T-shirts cuz we needed a tough cookie to deal with the angry parents who don't like the booger-brown-too-big jersey their kid gets. As most of you can guess, I am not exactly cut out for that tough cookie position. I would just wimper in fear. Lol. So thats whats new around the church this week. I haven't injured myself in quite awhile. Hallejulah! I am getting tired fomr getting up at 6:30 every morning though I can't compare to those who get up by 5 for work at 6. Oh... and my fam is up at the trailer again for a week and a half... which leaves me and my older sis home by ourselvevs with one car between us for a week and a half. Please pray. Haha, oh my, it won't be that bad but we haven't seemed to get along the past few days so it could get quite difficult. We'll get thorugh it. Don't you worry Claire. Well, I'm goign to stop talking to myself on my own blog and go do something productive.

Chow :)


Sunday, August 01, 2004

Sat down and can't get up Disease

So I just finished my 14th day straight of working. Kinda tired... hence the title of this blog. I decided yesterday that I have the 'I-sat-down-and-now-can't-get-up Syndrome'. I sit down somewhere to do something and find I don't have the neergy to get up. It's horrible. It means nothing gets accomplished at home. But hec, it doesn't bother me that much.

I got to talk to Adrienne yesterday! What fun! I decided to call her after work and she was home! So that was the excitement of the day. It was good to talk to her again and see how shes doing. And I saw Char at the Bay today. I haven't seen her in forever so that was nice. But thats all the excitement for this weekend.

Does anyone have any plans for the holiday? Mine might include just making bread and going to the beach. But hey, sounds fun. Hope everyone has a fun day planned.. unless of course you have to work. Then that stinks.

I had to run sunday school this morning. I feel like I'm just getting confirmation more and more that I'm meant to work with kids, especially young ones. Thanks God for speaking to me about this. The only problem now is that I hate working at the Bay and my other jobs cuz I just want to work at the camp with the kids. Ah well, its called patience and time right? Right.

Chow :)