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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

minigolfing & bikinis - never do that again

Well.  I'm halfway done the 2nd last week of camp today.  This 2-4 camp has been an interesting one.  Lots of stories to tell.  But too many to write on here.  I'll give you a few interesting ones.

Lol, on Monday we went to Timber Creek for our afternoon outings... its an outdoor mini golf place.  Went relatively well excxept for one of the student assistants getting her head thwacked by a putter and bleeding profusely.  It was even more interesting when once we got back to the church two mischievous boys asked if I had balls. Ahem, I knew what they were referring to but I said I left my balls at Timber Creek.  Bahaha.
Today was a very interesting day.  I started the morning by straining my back muscles doing the tango with the 2 girls in my room who are very clingy and by clingy I mean won't get off me.  So I've been in pain the whole day.  To top it off we were in our swimsuits ready for our outing to the pool.  To explain, when we go to the pool the kids are only allowed to bring their bathing suits, towels, and shoes. To make it fair us counsellors usually do the same.  Well, some random kid had pooped in the pool. What a dork. So it was closed.  So what was the plan B? Glow-in-the-dark minigolfing at the Putting Edge. Only problem was we were all in bathing suits. Yet Kristen assured us we'd have the place to ourselves.  She even told us we could leave our towels on the bus.  Well... turns out the place was full of people. And of course the kids didn't care but I happen to stand out in a crowd especially with my glowing bikini, so it was a tidbit embarassing.  Halfway through Will gave me a towel he was holding for a kid in his group. But it kept falling off. So I had to supervise a full round of minigolf in my bikini, with people laughing at me the whole time.  And to top it off I got smacked in the head with a golf ball that bounced off the wall behind me.  Grr.  The amusement apparent in the managers faces when I waited to sign the invoice though was rather hilarious.  I doubt I'll ever do that again. 

I have the possibility of a fourth job for a couple weeks.  This one involves getting up to watch my neighbors kid from 6:45 am to 8:15 each morning while he drives his other kid to a camp. I'm so excited! (please tell me you hear the hint of sarcasm).  We'll see how that goes.  Thankfully its only for 2 weeks though.  And don't get me wrong, I am so grateful God is providing all these opportunities to make money.  It just seems to be going down a drain though.  Hmm.

To top this day off I just had an agrument with my mother. Arguments are not fun. Especially from my perspective cuz I've been struggling a lot with the fact that I've made my family miserable this summer.  Have I already written this on here?  Not too sure.  Oh well, I'll have two stories of this.  Anyway, I was asking her what to do about a check that I wanted to throw away cuz it was ripped and she didn't understand what I was asking but I thought she just wasn't listening to me cuz I've told her before that she often doesn't listen to what I say and I have to tell her like 5 times and then the next day she still doesn't remember.  This is in a way awfully selfish of me I guess cuz she has all her clients at work on her mind a lot and a whole family to look after.  I guess it just bothers me cuz I take so much care in listening to every word most people to say to me and remembering it so they feel listened to later on.  Every kid at camp that wants to tell me something gets their turn and it makes me feel so good when I see how happy they are that they could tell someone something really cool.  I try to do that at home too. So I guess I don't understand why my mom can't do it back. Maybe her brain doesn't work the way mine does. I don't know. Anyway, then it came up that "i think i'm always right" which bothers me so much cuz I try so hard to admit when I'm wrong and stop if i know i'm being stupid.  Try is the key word unfortunately.  Anyway, I've been feeling so guilty lately cuz I've just caused so much crap around our house the past summer mainly from missing certain people and being frustrated about other certain people and not feeling i can talk to them about it. Huh... and yet I don't have the courage to actually tell my 'rents about it. Though I have my reasons for that. But huh... it makes me so angry that I can't just do something about myself being such a jerk. Frustration to the max [ah Rebekah :) ]  Well, that feels really good to vent even though people i know are goign to read this. Ah well, please comment any suggestions or something if you want to.  I don't think I mind if someone I know does read this. Go for it!

Ciao :)


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Can someone lend me their sleep?

 Well. Its now Sunday. I don't have much news to tell you.  Just a few things to vent and celebrate about.

First of all, you're all getting sick of my complaining by now but I am incredibly exhausted. Whichever loser suggested I take 3 jobs on is a complete dimwit. Oh wait, that was me. Lol.
I guess it serves me right.  Anyway, I worked Monday to Friday then Friday night at my 3rd job, then I got called in earlier to the Bay ( my 2nd job) on saturday so worked 7 hours instead of 4 and lost my only day to sleep in, then had to go babysit for another 4 hours. And then I had to wake up early this morning to run Sunday school and set up for camp tomorrow.   And then I come home to hear that the Bay wants me to come in again, which I knew was going to happen... but I just couldn't make my body go. Lol, so it had to stay home and sleep. Too bad.  Then again I did have to spend the lunch hour with my Grandpa and Mildred. (ahem, talk to my dormmates).

Anyway, I do have one thing to vent about.  Though I readily admit my blondeness, and I am quite blonde... it angers me when people take advantage of my blondeness! For goodness sake. Grr.   Hehe, to explain, I went to B-Buster to rent a couple DVDs friday night after work. And I'm go to the desk and hes like you have $11.50 in late fees.  All I can say is the B-buster completely overcharges.  But so hes like have you renewed your rewards thing? Cuz I could wipe out the late fees.  I'm like sweet! It'll only cost me 10 instead of 20bucks!  Well... turns out it still cost $20.  He used my 2 extra night things from my rewards book and the july $2off coupon which took the 11.50 away but still charged me the $9.99 for the rewards thing. So in reality I only saved $1.50. what a jerk.  and to top it off he forgot to take those yellow locks off. you know how they keep the DVD case closed? So I called him up when I got home and he said I could pop them out. Which I did. I sure wasn't going to drive an additional hour just to get them out. Grr. 

And then I also have a praise. Or prop to God. Whatever you want to call it.  I know I keep saying things like this too. But I just gotta give props to the G.O.D. man. I've said before how I wonder where God is or if I'm doign the right things to honour him and show his love.  But I mean, I just gotta look around and its like.. how can I not see his good work!  My family has been pretty much safe all summer.  We haven't had any drastic accidents with power tools (ahem father)  or sick trips to the hospital (ladies) or car accidents! (ahem Anne).   Camp at my church is completely a blessing from God.  I am amazed each day at the little boys and girls who are just so innocent and pure and even those on fire for God.  Some have no clue who he is but they hear about his love and are so interested!  And the older kids that have grown up in the church make me proud. At the same time those kids who didn't grow up in the church make me tear up cuz I just want to show them this amazing relationship they could have rather than some of the sucky ones they do have with their 'rents but it seems I dont' get many chances.   Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that you guys who are wondering how hes worknig with or in you or if God is actually there, look around. You might just see things you've never noticed before. I did. Try it!

Haha, did you understand any of that. Sorry if you didn't. I find I have these urgings to write things like that but it all comes out conffufled.  "Conffufled and Confuused."  Anyway, starting the grades 2-4 camp tomorrow. Second last camp of the summer. Sniff..sniff.. I'm goign to miss these people. But not too soon I'll see 'em again.  God Bless.

Chow :)


Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Rinse & Spit

Well.  Turns out I wrote this huge blog last night about Tal and I's road trip and tried to post it.  But of course my internet has been screwy lately and so it went to "page cannot be displayed"  Grr!  Double Grr!  So now you're probably going to get a shorter version cuz I'm extremely tired and have to leave for another Kid's Kapers meeting soon... even though I just got home (sorry... venting)

So. To sum our most exciting trip into a few simple words I'll say duct tape, rain, rifle, 4-wheeler,  ambush, tattoo, chocolate, no sleep, and last but not least... "whats my citizenship?"
Hehe, ahhh the memories.  Anyway, I picked Tal up by 5:30 on Friday and we were at Kimber's by 1:30 that night, or next morning.  Let's just say that the last couple hours of driving were spent pumping chocolate to keep us awake and EVERYTHING became a deer. Hehe, I mean everything... we did see two on the side of the road though. Beautiful creatures. Saturday was spent being crazy busy doing everything we could possibly cram in.  We were up for family breakfast at 8 in the morning and off to tour the deer farm soon after that.  Seeing a bunch of deer semi-close up was uber cool. It was a bit shocking though when we found a dead fawn in the field.  Tal and I's heart stopped too when Kimber's uncle was trying to see whether it was male or female and he raised his machete for some odd reason though I'm sure Tal will confirm that he was going to chop his leg off.  We're both sure of it.  We got a tour of the Ebels store, the dam, visited her grandma, a very nice lady, sampled some northern Michigan jerky.  Emmm.  Anyway, not to tell you every little thing we did it was just a bunch of fun and so good to see Kimber again.  We were served dinner by her at the restaurant/bar where she works, hehe, and tipped in Canadian.  We shot a couple big rifles and a handgun that I never thought I'd see or hold in my hands in my lifetime.  I experienced a traditional CRC church for the first time.  Tons of fun.
The trip home I have to say made the trip as well.  Hehe, to explain, the whole weekend I had troubles with my power windows not working.  So the left drivers side had been down about 2 inches the whole time.  Anyway, as we reached Lansing Michigan, about 2 hours into the trip home it started to pour. Whaddya know!  So we had to stop at the Meijer and find some duct tape. Then we proceeded to tape up the window so the sheets of rain wouldn't go through.  Hehe, HINT: duct tape doesn't stick to anything wet.  Anyway, it was a damp ride for a couple of hours and an embarassing trip to the border where we had to open the door to talk to the border officers. Oh my. 
But I want to give a profuse thank you toKimber and her family cuz they were so awesome to let Tal and I stay there and for entertaining us. And Tal, I'm so glad you came along, you rock, and our weekend was the most fun ever!

So yeah, I think that retelling of the story was a lot shorter than my edition last night.   If any of you reading this will see me anytime in the near future I can show you the pictures we took out there. Lol, aww digital cams. They are one of the greatest inventions.  So now I'm off to try and relax for about 40 mins before I have to leave again. Sorry, but grr, i'm in a venting mood.



Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hand = Ouch

Well, its the middle of our second week of camp. I am actually having an awesome time with this group. The girls are all attached to me unfortunately, but otherwise they are all pretty self-sufficient and there is less sneakiness so I don't have to watch their every move. Unfortunately I injured myself in our craft time today. Well, okay not injured. I sliced up my right hand pretty good. No one told me the tiles on our mosaic mirrors were sharp! Go figure! So I have 6 bandaids on my hand right now with spots for about 3 more. Lol, but hopefully it'll heal soon.

You won't hear back from me on here til next week. Tal and I's road trip is this weekend. Woohoo! Pray for safety and keeping us awake. Hehe, and hopefully I can get off work early so I can function on the way there. But have a great weekend guys!

Chow :)


Saturday, July 10, 2004

I just broke a nail :(

Alright. Well its now Saturday, and what a gorgeous Saturday this is. I'm at home, with the entire house to myself, except for the Budlet... what fun. I'm enjoying myself. Anyway, this is kinda the blog to talk about my first week of camp. And what a first week of camp it was. I happened to get stuck in the room with the oldest most rambunctious, accompanied by the worst youth leaders/assistants ever. We went bowling, to Woodie Woodchucks, Vivian Forest, and Kid's Town Waterpark. All of which are horrible events with 50 something screaming kids running around. Anyway, I really enjoyed myself and love watching the kids learn new things about God and all these different bible stories. 3 children gave their lives to the Lord... Praise God! That was unbelievably exciting. And overall it went well. To sum the week into a few sentences we did a lot of discipling, we got 3 hours sleep on the sleepover night, the place was a mess, and by the last day I was snapping on my leaders. But anyway, next week if the 4-6 camp. I am thoroughly enjoying working with my fellow student summer workers. They are awesome! I'm am going to miss them so much over the next year.

I also would like to praise God again here. Well this is a praise the lord... and an "oh my what am I going to do." I got two replies from my work wanted add in the church! But even though I'm thanking God I'm also going crazy cuz I have so much on my mind and can't think straight. It basically means I work 8:30-5 monday to friday and some sunday mornings at the church, then 6-9 a couple evenings a week and at least 6 hours saturday and sunday at the bay, and whatever i have left i go to help this lady in markham. I am telling everyone that I have complaining rights so suck it up if you think I'm complaining too much. Lol, I think I might do more damage to my back in this couple months then I've ever done before though.

Anyway, I'm off to go peel some more skin. Lol, if you've read my blog from last week, I had just gotten a severe burn. Like a bubbly and itchy burn. Anyway, it's been a week and has finally settled down. But now it is peeling off in inch-squared sheets. kinda frightening pulling at a little flap of skin and coming away with a huge piece. Kinda gross too. Lol, I just thought I'd share that little tidbit of info with the world.

But now I'm off to spend a little time in ze hot tub, or maybe the pool, both our neighbors, and then maybe some sleep. I can barely think straight i'm so tired.

Chow :)


Friday, July 09, 2004


Alright, well not that anyone is wondering, but I am still alive. But I am also in a horribly bad mood. I just spent 30 straight hours at the church, only 4 of which were passed sleeping without a pillow on the church floor... which, do I need to mention, is rock hard, no exaggeration. Grr! So anyway, if anyone is interested about hearing about the first week of camp, check back this evening or tomorrow. Lol, depending on when I get home this evening... I may or may not be able to update this. Anyway, heres a little attempt to keep in touch with the blogging world. Talk to you soon.

Chow :(


Saturday, July 03, 2004

Boo to tetracyclene...

Well, its been 3 days since I've written a blog. Why does that feel like such a long time? No idea why. Anyway, today was spent on the beach with my wonderful friend Shannon. It was fun just lying on the sand in mini lawn chairs and I am glad to say I finally relaxed. Only one disadvantage... the right side of me is now at least 3 shades brighter than the left. Because of the tetracyclene in my system that I take for my face my skin is more susceptible to burning. I.E. I turn red. And I'm red. Haha, boo.

On another note... camp starts Monday. I want to say woohoo! but I also want to say Egads! The church looks great... the spy theme rules. But at the same time camp starts on monday. Will everything be ready? But I'm praying... we all are, and trusty Matt just promised it would. Hehe, so I guess it will ;). Oh wait.. and God did do. So you're right Matt... it will.

Happy Canada Day all you Canadians out there! Did everyone have a good time? I had the pleasure of working. That's right... working on ze statutory holiday. But what fun it was. I hung decorations... and vacuumed rooms, haha, and organized learning centres. Anyway, that evening I got a personal show of fireworks from the hoodlums in my backyard. I could sit on my couch and see them out my front door. how kind they were, to light fireworks, 10 feet from my house.

And to end of this blog with a note of jubilee, my neighbors have gone on vacation to the Caribean for 2 1/2 weeks. Now the jubilee is not from them goign to the Caribbean, but the fact that they told us to use their pool and hot tub the whole time. Who could resist?