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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Well. It's Wednesday. I've just finished working 3 days straight at UAC getting ready for Kid's Kapers 2004. It has been lots of fun so far, though I'm afraid, I'm completely exhausted. I don't know why my body isn't used to all this but I just feel unusually fatigued. It might be due to the lack of sleep I'm getting. Oh well.

My days have been spent doing lots of stuff and staying busy. One day I spent the morning testing markedrs and pencil crayons and glue sticks and refilling glue bottles. Ugh. Yesterday was spent making huge posters of spy stuff like top secret file folders, magnifying glasses and life size detectives out of really colorful paper. loads of fun. And today was spent folding workbooks, cleaning out rooms, decorating walls (grrr to fun tack), shopping, etc. Anyway, to sum it up I'm having a great time working with everyone and getting stuff done. Its getting down to crunch time cuz camp starts this monday and we still aren't done everything. But we have to work tomorrow (the holiday) and so we should get it finished.

On other things, I bought 2 new shirts yesterday. So much fun. And I realized I have to memorize a bible story for Monday.

And the most exciting news of all is that a road trip has been planned! That's right. I get to drive approximately 6-8 hours with the oh-so-fabulous Tal on a trip to visit her roommate/my dormmate. What fun! I am already stoked... that's right... stoked :). My roommate declined to come... so disappointed about that... but you never know, we could just ambush her in her sleep and take her along with us. Hehe, I do know where she lives. Hmmmm...... But Tal, I'm pumped, and Kimber, we're ready to cause some ruckus in little 'ol Falmouth.

Chow :)


Sunday, June 27, 2004

Whats with the Ks everywhere?

Well, its Sunday evening and I've just spent another non-stop Sunday working at both the church and the Bay.

First of all, I'm really starting to develop a grudge against the Bay. Boo to grudges... but ze Bay needs to get an attitude check. My only shift for this entire week is the grand total of 4 hours today from 2 to 6. Now, normally, there is an associate on the floor from opening to closing. Last week since they cut the hours no one was on the floor until 1 in the afternoon, which is absurd. But on this gorgeous Sunday in particular I was the first person in. And yes that was at 2 o'clock. 2! On a summer Sunday which for some reaseon was incredibly busy no one was in until I came, and then I was the only one... all by myself. I usually don't mind this until I have to help someone in accessories, someone in infants furniture, someone at the fitting rooms, someone upstairs in luggage, and take a few calls from the pods... ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Hehe, now I don't mean to souund like I'm complaining... okay, I am. But I only complain when it is like a hazard to my health. I get more cardio activity in one hsift then I have in the past month.

Second of all, this Kid's Kapers thing is goign to make my summer. It seeems like thats all I write about on this blog. But today was the Summer Kickoff Karnival. And as a student summer worker I was enlisted to help, without my knowledge at first. Grr. Hehe, anyway, I started out by helping around the prize table. Then I set up the snow cone machine. At least helped set it up. That was fun... yet sticky. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the prize table coaxing kids into spending their tickets, lol, so we could get rid of all the toys and candy we had. Oh, and selling wristbands. Some of those kids are just so adorable. Gosh. To top it all off, I start fulltime at the church tomorrow! Woohoo! [hey, I didn't use the word whoopdeedoo that time ;) ] I'm so excited. I'm a bit hesitant cuz I'm either going to be bored out of my skull with nothing to do, or I'll get to do all the creative fun stuff that I could do for hours and be crazy busy. I'd rather go with the latter.

Anyhoo. Though it's only 9:17 at this point I feel like collapsing into bed. I just might do that. Boy do I feel like an eighty year old at this point. Hmm.

Chow :)


Friday, June 25, 2004

God is good - and bonding rocks!

Well. Here I am back in 'ol Claremont after an amazing few days. My retreat was amazing. I am working with the most fun people I have met in a long time. 5 of us met at the church and drove up to this little cottage on Lake Simcoe. Lol, to start off... we got lost. Leslie, our fearless team leader, and David, oh so hilarious David, were "chatting" and so missed the place we were supposed to turn off. So they took us all the way into Beaverton. I realized this wrong, so we turned around, but then I, oops, took us down the wrong road. I was ahead of myself, lol, thats my excuse. anyway, while Kristen the girl driving the car I was in and Christina, our ultra cool resident of the back seat spent a few minutes trying to find this little blue cottage that was supposed to be right after you cross the train tracks. Hehe, needless to say there was no little blue cottage right after the train tracks. Meanwhile Leslie and David in their little red honda had disappeared. Finally I noticed what road we were on. So we got back on the main road and found the right turn off and were at the right cottage in a matter of minutes. Anyway, if I gave you all the details we'd be here forever. Let's just say the mid-week retreat was spent playing hilarious games of Cranium (through which I've discovered I'm really good at spelling things backwards, haha, beat that!), Taboo (everyone needs to play Taboo once in awhile), and mafia (thats right Redeemerites, mafia. And I'm glad to say I've found a newfound enjoyment of this way too complex game. I may even be tempted to play it next year.) We worked a lot on our Bible stories, wrote the scripts kinda thing, read the Scriptures, learnt how to make a Bible story good. We also spent a lot of time in devotion and prayer. The first night one of our workers gave her testimony and we had a huge prayer time cuz she had to go home early cuz her mom was having surgery the next morning. The next morning we had another good devotion time. And today we spent the morning sharing our testimonies and all praying for each summer worker. Took awhile but it was well worth it! It was so amazing being there to witness God's work in each one of us, how he'd been working in the past, how hes working now. It is such an encouragement to hear others' struggles and hardships too! Oh my, that sounds horrible. I just mean, well, personally I always feel like I'm the only one who isn't extremely close to God or who doesn't know exactly what I'm supposed to do and I feel so ashamed cuz I don't understand why I don't have this perfect relationships with my Lord. But hearing others speak of God's work in their lives, but also of how they struggled or how they are struggling now. It just touched my heart.

I wanted to share something that was said on this retreat as well. Our most amazing other leader, Harriet, who led the retreat was talking to us about following God and stuff yesterday morning. Anyway, she was talking about temptation and how everyone always has the impression that we shouldn't talk about it cuz we think that if we are tempted it means we aren't close to God and we really shouldnt' be tempted at all if we are walking with Him. But she made the point that that impression is wrong! And I believe her! I've always felt so discouraged when I'm tempted about whatever that jerk Satan decides and I think, you know if I was close to God I wouldn't get tempted. But really God uses the temptation to develop us into better Christians. If we weren't tempted we'd never grow cuz we would never be challenged! Huh. Hehe, sorry, that was just really comforting to know that I'm not being tempted cuz I'm some bad person.

Wow. this is extremely long. I apologize for whoever has to read it. I'm just still in shock at how great these people are. So much fun! And I've also had a revelation in that I've been missing everyone from Redeemer so much. I figured out why! I was so used to having this amazing groups of girls, and guys ;) around me to lean on and they were such nice people who stayed close to God. I'm afraid I got to used to that. Spending such close quality time with this small groups of people made me realize how important that is for a person, especially a Christian. If you don't have a group of whoever people around you that you can rely on for strength, accountability, comfort and closeness with God I urge you to find at least something like that. You wont' regret it!

Unfortunately, I left the retreat with my same old stomach trouble that hadn't shown itself in a couple months. Since I left the stresses of school actually. Ironic huh! [Dorm 15 girls, I hope you sense the sarcasm ;) ] Anyway, it showed up again. I think this time it was cuz in a way I wanted to go home, but I didn't want to leave the little community we had started. Hmm...

Okay. I think I'm done for now. I'll give whoever reads this eyes a break. You should be thankful! Hehe, I could go on for hours!



Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The Servant Song

Well, I'm off the rest of this week to a retreat for the Kid's Kapers student workers. I'm looking forward to it! Its only 3 days too so if it turns out horrible I can be rest assured it'll be over soon. Haha, optimistic eh! I have to come back on Thursday for Lindsay's graduation. Should be loads of fun too... I just have to make sure I don't look hotter than my little sis. Hehe, and thats going to be difficult. ;)

Anyway, before I skidaddle... I wanted to leave you with lyrics to this praise song I was playing this afternoon. The most amazing words. 'Tis called The Servant Song:

Brother let me be your servant
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that I might have the grace to
let you be my servant, too

We are pilgrims on a journey
We are brothers on the road
We are here to help each other
Walk the mile and bear the load

I will hold the Christ-light for you
In the night time of your fear
I will hold my hand out to you
Speak the peace you long to hear

I will weep when you are weeping
When you laugh I'll laugh with you
I will share your joy and sorrow
Till we've seen this journey through

When we sing to God in heaven
We shall find such harmony
Born of all we've known together
Of Christ's love and agony

Brother let me be your servant
Let me be as Christ to you
Pray that I might have the grace
To let you be my servant too

Kind of long. I know. Hehe, but I just found the words to be so true and something we should all strive to be. So many times I find myself being so self-centered and it bothers me incredibly. God calls us to be servants of each other and servants of others, and thats all I really want to be. I pray that we can all develop servant's hearts to serve God better.

Chow :)


Monday, June 21, 2004


Well, I've just gotten back from yet another Kid's Kapers meeting, this time for the Preschool Kamp, July 19-23. This was a short one... which I admit was nice. But entertaining... we watched a sample video of one of the recreation games... the case of the sock bandit, aka "Stinky Pete" Hehe, all I can say is you had to be there, and you have to know David. Hilarious. I just wanted to ask for prayer though for this ministry. It is such an awesome opportunity for God to touch these kids lives. The total today was 473 registered, and if you can believe it 273 of those kids are from non-churched homes!!! Praise the Lord!!! It is just so amazing... we have such an awesome program being run with so many great leaders ready to help out. So if you had time and wouldn't mind praying a) for more adult leadership in all the camps, b) safety for all the kids and workers, c) that all the volunteers would get along and be able to work together, d) that God would be able to work through us and touch these kids. Wow. Hehe, sorry, thats a long list. But I guess its nothing to God right? I'm just so excited to be a part of this summer's excursion.

Anyway, enough about Kid's Kapers. Well, more to it actually. I've got a weekend, rather middle of the week retreat this wednesday with my fellow "student summer workers." I'm really glad for the chance to get away with these guys who are so much fun. Its just a time to get to know each other, share our stories, etc. But hopefully it will be fun! And in the middle of it I have to come back to do my sis's hair and go to her grade 8 graduation! Sniff...sniff... Thank the Lord, I am finally busy!

So to explain the title of this blog, my sister Lindsay has decided to make fun of my whiteness. Lol, I have to say I am developing a tan... but that tan mine as well be white compared to my sister! Grr! She looks like those ladies who live in Florida for 9 months of the year and sit on the beach 8 hours a day at the resort and then too dark for their own good. And its disgustingly natural! Double Grr!!!! Anyway, today she was chasing after me to rub dirty floor-washing water on my face and she started calling me an albino... shortened to Albie. So, I don't want to offend any albinos out there. Cuz I'm sure not one. But it was rather entertaining.

Well, not sure what else to talk about. I wish I had some interesting topic to debate on here other than recap my days, cuz who really wants to hear about my days day after day! But sorry, my life is dull and uninteresting, so you're just going to have to suck it up. Si? Si!

Chow :)


Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Coolest Daddio

Well. I'm writing this in the middle of the first of presumably many UAC gatherings at the Fleetwood homestead. [And for Jehan, to "claire"ify, homestead means our house/property in ol' Claremont ;)] Because we happen to have five acres of lush, gorgeous green lawns and landscape, lol, note the sarcasm, though I have to add it is beautiful, my dad tends to volunteer our property for the summer BBQs of most of the service teams at church, especially the ones my father heads up, which seems to be many. And by service teams I mean like the ushers/greeters that are here tonight, the small group leaders and coaches which will be here eventually, the staff BBQ, etc. To add to these never ending gatherings, it seems prerequisite to have myself be the organizer slash server slash preparer of the food, beverages, etc. Lol, now even though I am getting paid for this evening in particular, boy does it get tiring. I sliced 70 buns, 8 tomatoes, 3 grotesquely large onions, 3 heads of lettuce, made about 10 pots of coffee which i had to funnel into an urn. Oh boy! Haha, I shouldn't be complaining though. Despite the hard work I like being in charge of all that stuff and I really do enjoy these evenings. Except for when you have these little old ladies who like to join you in the kitchen and make suggestions, which you obviously have to take, and they know this "only from experience." Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hehe, ah little Mabel. Little Mabel who picked the one spot that didn't have a railing to kerplunk onto her lawn chair and dive backwards off the porch, hehe, oh poor little Mabel. But shes all in one piece ladies and gentlemen!!! Little Mabel is one tough cookie. That she is.

At this point I feel the need to apologize because I've realized that I have many run-on sentences in the previous paragraph and big words. Lol, I guess sometimes I have the urge to not seem blonde, though at heart I am, lol, and use big words, you know, to show off my supposedly large vocabulary. ;)

Well, tomorrow is Father's Day everyone... in case you'd forgotten. Have you all gotten gifts for your favorite dads??? We have. I can't mention my family's gift here just per chance that my most wonderful father reads my blog this evening before we can give it to him. But I do need to give a shoutout to my most wonderful father... cuz hey, its Fathers day. So suck it up. Lol, I have to say it, but my Dad is the best dad in the world, apart from God that is. I mean, he is the ultimate cool. He manages to work fulltime at the church as well as about 3 or 4 evenings a week where he is doing something for the church, keeping our property mowed and beautiful, and is an amazing dad and husband all at the same time. I don't know how he doesn't drop in sheer exhaustion. I'm so sorry for all the grief my sisters and I have caused him in the past and the grief we will cause him in the future... as well as the worry. I wish I could take it all back, but I'm afraid I can't. So Daddio... I just wanted to say that I love you soooooooo much and will miss you soooooooooo much this coming year and thankyou soooooooooo much for all the sacrifices and things you have done for you girls. You rock!

Okay, this blog is getting long now. So have a great weekend everyone... and I hope all those fathers out there can have a great day tomorrow too.



Thursday, June 17, 2004

Boycott le Hudson's Bay Company

Ugh. So I've just spent the longest four hour shift of every four hour shift I've ever worked at the Bay this evening. And I am steaming. Okay, well angry. No! I was right the first time. I'm steaming! Joanne, my sales manager, called me up yesterday and said they'd cut everyones hours and took 8 hours off my schedule for this week. To add to this misery, I have a total of one 5-hour shift next week. Preposterous! Apparently, for some odd reason every fullservice department, well every department except for the PODs (aka central cash desks) has had their hours smashed, cut, trashed, whatever verb you want to use. So now I am going to have to find some other job or something, cuz I cannot keep getting measly little shifts when I am already thousands of dollars in debt and I am goign to be more next year and I don't have the resources to return next year! Help! I decided I think we should boycott. Anyone interested? Hehe, after much thought though I realize that if we boycotted, they would have to cut mor ehours cuz they wouldn't be able to pay people. Its unsolveable isn't it. Argh!

By the way, a piece of advice to all you cellphone users. Its not exactly entertaining for the driver of a car to have to listen to your passengers cellphone conversation the ENTIRE 25min. drive home. ugh. Lol, it wasn't that bad, I admit, I got to practice some french with whoever the dude was my older sister was talking to. But still. How boring. The rest of the ride finished with a rather intriguing conversation about that race that God created, hehe, males. Ah, was that a thought provoking, memory building conversation. Thanks for that Anne.

So Buddy is in trouble this evening. Buddy being my incredibly adorable but trying to maintain his manlihood like his dad in a household full of girls who like to dress him up. Anyway, for the second time in 24 hours he tore up our neighbors lawn in an effort to get after some rodents. Did I mention Buddy is part beagle? Yeah, he has the hunting instinct bred him. It is rather adorable watching him pounce and sneak up on stupid squirrels. Sorry to anyone who likes squirrels, but I think its kinda fun to watch Buddy chase after him. Until you find a tail and hind legs in the front lawn. *shudder*

Chow Everybody :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

New appreciation for vegetarians

I just had the most disturbing experience of my life, at least up to this point. I will never EVER forgive my mother for making me cook this interesting soup for dinner tonight. It involves all these veggies and beans and sausage and stuff. But then it involves browning and boiling these pork hocks. For those of us who aren't butchers! I did a little research and a hock is part of the leg on a pig, its kinda like his heel almost. So I had to skin two of these little heels! It was so sad, my tears were dripping on the bones! Hehe, but listen, I am completely comfortable with removing fat from chicken breasts or something you know, thats normal. But this skin was incredibly thick and almost hairy, like it had a shaven skin texture to it! *shudder*shudder*shudder. yuck! hmm, i think i've dealt with this experience and gotten over it, lol, but I will never do it again! Never in my married or single life will I cook with pork hocks. Unless my man is doing the skinning.

On another note... I desperately need a road trip. I'm going stir-crazy. My hours at work have just been cut, so I have more time off, which in a way I like, but in a way I don't cuz I'm just made to clean and cook and stuff. I have only 2 1/2 weeks before camp starts. Aaaaaargggghhhhhh! Hehe, sorry, this blog is good at venting some frustrations. Sometimes I wish it wasn't public. But then I guess thats what God and a journal is for isn't it. Hmm.

The Fleetwood family went to get family pictures done for our church directory last night. That was uber fun. Us girls were hyper, mom and dad were in a "loveydovey" mood cuz its there anniversary in two days, so the ride there, back, and the actual picturetaking was extremely fun. It reminded me why I was glad to be home. Anyway, its always a fun thing getting pictures taken cuz the photographer is always overwhelmed by this huge family walking in. We tend to fill a room, mainly its our height. Then I always get assumed to be the oldest cuz I'm the tallest, which is not the case, but I still get to be in the middle back of the picture. Which is my favorite spot. And then it takes us forever to decide which pictures we want cuz in every one either Anne looked like a deer had just crossed her path, Dad looked half asleep, or Ali looked like she was laughing over something. But not a good laughing, well you know, it was kinda a weird smile. Lol, hard to explain. It was also fun because since Dad is staff he had to take his own single picture. His selection was one of half-closed eyes, or this amused look, or the final choice, a very nice smile. We tried to get him to pick the goofy one. But he wouldn't. Nuts.

Anyway, thats whats been happening the past few days. Hope all is well with everyone. My dormmate Gayle is officially in Europe for the next couple months. I think we're all goign to miss her, in fact I know we all already do. It sucks not to be able to visit her when I go to Michigan this July, but shes following God and we are so proud of her. So if we can all pray her for her safety and her team, and that the people of Hungary are blessed!

Gee, I need to figure out how to get these blogs shorter. What I thought was nothing much to tell the blogging world about, turns out to be a huge posts! Oh well, hope you can bear with me.

Chow :)


Monday, June 14, 2004

Sniff...sniff...She's all grown up!

This blog is a shoutout to my younger sis, Lindsay. This most wonderful Fleetwood girl is graduating next week. Shes almost in high school! Sniff...sniff... when did she get all grown up?! I've gotten closer to Lindsay the past couple of years going to youth services every Sunday night and now going to Kid's Kapers meetings every Monday night for the rest of our summer. She is one cool chickie. Hehe, we happen to be almost identical in personality and appearance, though 6 years apart. Anyway, I just wanted to say that she is growing up into the coolest young woman who has huge things in the future for her as she follows God in every way. Graduation day is going to be so exciting, yet so sentimental! I've missed her and my other little sis (Allison) terribly this past year and will again next year. Love you both so much!

So we had another meeting this Monday evening. It was fun, yet the same thing for the 3rd night in a row. We keep hearing the same things over and over again. But tonight we also went to our separate camps to plan who was going to do what for learning centres and activities and stuff. Here's the problem. I am at every camp. All 6 weeks. But there were 4 camps meeting this one night. So I was like, how am I supposed to be in 4 rooms at one time?! Anyway, I ended up organizing the planning for one camp and was left to hope that I got assigned to something fun for the rest of the camps. Oh well.

Hope everyone is enjoying the storms, unless you don't have any in your area, then I hope you enjoy your sunny weather. Hehe :)



Sunday, June 13, 2004

Is there such thing as sleeptyping?

Well, its Sunday evening. I am so tired I felt like I was working in a coma all day today and have to stay awake til a bit later so I don't wake up at like 5 am tomorrow. But the Mask of Zorro is on televisione so I guess that will serve its purpose.

I went out with a girl from my dorm last night. Talitha "bruTAL" Dykstra = super cool fun. Hehe, Tal, you rock! It was a fun evening of protecting the laptop from french-speaking younguns, watching the crazy twisted Stepford Wives, hehe, oh, and thinking I was supposed to go north on the 410 when the whole time I was supposed to go south to go home. It was rather entertaining watching the little French girls sneak around the Tim Hortons partition to see Tal's pictures, lol, wouldn't you agree Tal?

I'm beginning to get tired of the same old Sunday week after week. This is supposed to be God's day. But for me it involves going to the early service, then straight to work where I am bored out of my skull and in pain, and then coming home too tired to want to do anything. And I'm afraid because I am one of only 2 people available to work Sundays its going to be like that til the end of August. I really shouldn't be complaining. I have a tendency to do that, hehe, but add to it the Sundays I have to run sunday school during Kid's kapers and oh my. Help!

By the way, sidenote. Is there such thing as non-drowsy Midol? Much needed. Oh, and I found the most beautiful scarf at the Bay that matches perfectly with my coat! For $5!!! Sweet deal.



Friday, June 11, 2004

Lunch dates rock :)

Well, not too much to comment on this evening. I had an uneventful day and went to work for 3 hours this evening. That was uneventful as well! Though I did have an interesting but nice conversation with this little Indian man who started telling me about his Auntie and her 5 miscarriages and 4 sons. Hehe, I like little old men from India who start conversations with you. Especially when they aren't trying to scam you or get away with something. Anyway, I'm having lunch with my friend Andrea tomorrow! Something to look forward too! Andrea left us at Redeemer in second semester so I haven't seen her for like 5 months! Sniff..sniff.., so terrible. But hey, lunch will be great! Otherwise I think I'm just going to veg in front of ze televisione tonight with some leftover pizza and get increasingly jealous at my friends Jehan, Timmy and others who are visiting Redeemer people this weekend. Hehe, well can I complain.. I'm visiting with 2 R. people myself. Whoopdeedoo! C

Chow :)


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Ahhh... Big Garbage Night

Alright. Do I have a story to tell you. Bear with me. It might take awhile.
So it was big garbage night in Markham this evening. My dad happens to be an avid shopper on these once every few month events. Usually he hooks up our trailer behind the van. Well tonight, he was at church for a meeting and Anne, my older sister, and I were at work. So they picked me up at 9, and we went cruising through rural Markham. Unfortunately he forgot to put hitch the trailer... which leads to the rest of this story. We found a ping pong table being thrown out. well it was the two separate halves with some of the legs. so we pull over and hop out. lol, by the way its getting dusk now. So I in my Bay uniform, my lanky 6'6 father, and my sis run across the road and bring one half over to the van. but it doesn't fit! We try and shove it in the back, then we try it through the side door. But it won't fit! So dad takes it back over. BUt then anne says, why don't we put them on the roof and drive over to the Wests and we can hold it with our hands out the window? Great question Anne ;)! So hes like, thats a good idea. The Wests are a family from church my little sister is homeschooling with. THey lived just a couple streets away. SO we hop back across the road for a second time and bring both halves over. At the same time this van pulls up. Lol, this certain shopper happened to bring a huge trailer with him. He offered us help with taking it somewhere. Why we turned him down I'm not quite sure. BUt we did. SO instead we stacked both halves of the table on the roof. Dad put his hand out the driver's window, anne put like her head and hands out her passenger side window. And I put my hand out the van door window. Now, this is the kind of window that only pops like 2 or 3 inches open at the back. And I managed to squish my hand through it. Anyway, we head off to get to the Wests. SO Dad goes to make a right turn at this 4-way stop. As hes turning Anne goes, isn't the Wests straight. We all think about it and I go... Uh, Dad, the wests are straight. Lol, so literally about 2 minutes go by before Dad goes "shoot! the Wests are straight!" Now, you can't exactly do a U-turn very easily with two huge pieces of plywood on the roof of your van! So we turned off the first available road which happened to be a crescent and continued back on the regular path. Anyway, we get to the WEsts house. And as dad goes up to the door to ask if we can drop it off to pick it up tomorrow with the trailer Anne and I get out to get it off the roof. But... being the blonde that I am, lol, I forget to pull my hand out of the window before opening the van door! So my arm is being shoved behind me as the door opens! Bahaha, at that point I was laughing so hard I couldn't get my hand out of the window and Anne had to help me. Oh goodness. Anyway, I'm done yet. So we drop the pingpong table off and continue cruising around looking for stuff. On one street we see these three hoodlums walking on the side of the road. We passed them but then we had to stop and inspect a pile just ahead of them. But we knew they were coming, so all three of us are cracking up cuz they were goign to walk by between the van and the side of the road. Anne has her window half open so she goes to close. But she puts it further down instead! So Dad goes, uh.. Anne, you're putting the window down... not up. Anyway, we're silentn as they walk by but then all three of us crack up! It was absolutely hilarious... I know, I know you totally had to be there. But they kept looking back at us like we were stalking them or something. We passed them again afterwards and thought it was so funny. ANyway, the gist of the story is picture watching a van driving down the road with random hands sticking out the window holding this large piece of wood sitting on the roof. Oh my.

Oh, and I have good news! Well, exciting news for me. No one else in this blogging world will really care. But anyway, I've been wanting to get a laptop for awhile now cuz I can type as fast as profs speak so it would be so much easier for me to take notes. But involves coming up with another $500 bucks at least that I don't have. So instead I got a wireless keyboard to accompany my PDA!!!!! So now I have this really cool looking silver Belkin keyboard that works with my Palm Zire. I just set it up in less than a minute and can type large memos. All I have to do is HotSync it into my computer after each class. Excellent deal I'm telling you.

Okay, I meant to blog this yesterday but was too tired. I had a short but fun conversation with a very cool guy last night. I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about. Anyway, this correlates with the list from Tuesday's blog. The conversation went something like this:

Claire: hey... do you have mosquitos in BC?
Matt: are you blonde?!

Haha, yes... yes, I happen to be blonde. Surprising eh!
Oh boy. My older sister is really getting a kick out of my surprisingly frequent blonde moments. I think its this Ontario air. Most definitely. ;)



Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Alright, I just finished this most amazing book I just have to tell the blogging world about. It's called Black, hence the title, by Ted Dekker. Wow. I highly recommend EVERYONE read this book. And I'd like to try and give you a little plot summary but it is a complex book so bear with me. Lol, do you remember the Chronicles of Narnia? It is a series by C.S. Lewis where these children step into another world. A world where there is distinct evil and distinct good. Anyway, the story is an analogy for God and the Christian faith. The Lion is really God and the evil white witch, I forget her real name, is meant to play Satan. I'm pretty sure I have that right. Lol, I know for sure that the lion is God. Anyway, my point is this book is kind of the same thing. This guy somehow starts dreaming of this other world where the people worship this unseen character, Elyon. But at the same time the other side of the world is pure evil and the result of choice. There is a leader of this evil and he is the master of deception and lies. Anyway, the whole book consists of this guy going back between both worlds and never knowing which one is the real one, and the whole time he is trying to save the world from terrorists... and to top it off hes falling in love with a different girl from each world. Lol, boy, I've made it sound kinda typical. Well, all I can say is that you HAVE to at least try reading it. With my extremely logical brain I found it a bit odd at first but it was just so good I couldn't ignore it.
The only thing I'll warn you is that it doesn't end! Its a trilogy. And usually all the trilogies I've read theres been an ending to the certain story line and you aren't left hanging. Well goodness no, not in this book! It made me so mad! Haha, I get to the end, the last page, don't worry I won't give it away, and nothing is solved! Grr! Double Grrr!
So thats my recommendation. Black by Ted Dekker. And you can check out a bit of it at if you'd like.

So my older sister Anne and I have decided I should start a list of all the stupid, blonde moments I have throughout this summer or life, whatever. Haha, just to inform you... I'm blonde. Haha, and I'm sure everyone knows about the typical blonde jokes and stereotype toward blondes. And you know, I am perfectly okay with saying that its all true! Lol, now, I'm very intelligent and logical and completely sane, but sometimes the blondeness just seeps through.
For instance, a couple days ago Anne was telling my family and I about a friend who couldn't figure out if Canada was a country or not and she thought it so funny! So I in my stupidness I asked... Canada is a country though right? Bahaha, oh boy. I was a little confuffled at that point.
Similarly, last night we were watching TV. We saw a preview for some show that was having Jennifer Love Hewitt on to talk about her new movie, Garfield. I say to Anne, Has Jennifer Love Hewitt ever done any other movies? Haha, now I can explain myself for this one! Really. Id just seen a special on her and her new CD cuz now shes making music. So I momentarily forgot all the other movies I'd seen with her and only remembered her being a singer. :( I'm sorry!
Lol, I know I know, you totally had to be there but my family and I have had some good laughs over my blonde moments. As have my dorm I think. My girls ( fellow first yrs I lived with last year) and I have cracked up over plenty of stuff, most of which I can't mention on a worldwide internet. ;)
Anyway, just thought I'd start the list on here, and publicly make a fool of myself. Lol. Enjoy the humidity!


Monday, June 07, 2004

The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End

I just wanted to share something I read this morning in my devotional. The author wrote a little paragraph entitled "From the Father's Heart" and its just something we know God says to us each day. I found it so comforting and hope it brings some hope or comfort to someone else!

My child, you are often confused about who I am and where you are going. When you arise in the morning, I am there with you. When you work through the day, you will find Me close by. From the time you open your eyes until I close them in sleep at night, I am always with you, ready to guide you. Do not worry about knowing how you fit into My plans. Be concerned only with knowing Me and spending time together. Your future is in My hands.

Isn't that an amazing thought?! Being a university student with absolutely ZERO money I am constantly wondering about what I am supposed to do in my life and how I'm going to get the funds to do it. Am I in the right school? Am I at the right job? This passage confirms exactly what I've always known. God is right there the moment I wake up and I have no need to worry. So what am I doing worrying! Lol. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage anyone who is reading this whose having the same thoughts I am. Hopefully I'm not alone :). But I want to encourage you to remember HE IS THERE. And as my youth pastor says... God loves you. God does not make junk. You are bootilicious in the eyes of God. Yeah baby, I'm bootlicious ;).

On a more confusing note, I've just adopted the Haloscan system for my comments. But when I put it into the template page, which is incredibly incredibly confusing the comment/trackback symbol appears in big letters at the top of this blog. I'm sure you've already seen it. How grotesque! Lol, in no way does it compliment the appearance of this blog. Anyway, the point of this complaint is to ask if anyone knows how the hec you change it?! Any help? I'd love to hear from you.

So I just got back from a meeting for the preschool camp at Kid's kapers this summer. For July and August I am a "student summer worker" aka a camp counsellor at the vacation bible school type camp at my church, Unionville Alliance Church. Anyway, its this huge event each week with detailed crafts and all kinds of stuff to do. So for the month of June theres a meeting each monday night. And because i'm a "student summer worker" i'm like the one who knows all and is one of the main leaders. Whoopdeedoo. Anyway, we had an excellent meeting where we went over the crafts, learning centres, bible stories etc for the preschool kamp. Really exciting. But then we had to do this Plan to Protect program. It is a program of two videos and a booklet about sexual abuse in the church and how to prevent avoid it etc. Wow. Depressing. Sexual abuse saddens me to the core and I just can't understand how someone could violate and disrespect someone else, especially a child in such a way. Why I'm mentioning this is because it was a depressing way to end our meeting. I was so excited about crafts preschool and then I had to watch a video about how I have to be careful in the ways I show love to kids. I mean, I understand I have to be careful, but I just want to show them God's love! Hmm. :(

Okay. Off to watch the last of the most depressing hockey game. At this point its 2-0. Boo to Tampa!


Saturday, June 05, 2004

Sunshine - WOW

You know, its days like today when I just can't help but be in awe of God's creation. I don't know how you can look around you and not be like, how did He create all of this?! I just went for a jog down one of our nice little country roads. I live out in the boonies of central Ontario, and we've got about five acres of land around here, on my property at least. Anyway, the sun is shining in its full power, everything is green and pink and red and yellow, the trees are blowing in the breeze. And then as I jog slash walk, grr to Matt ;), down the nice little country road all I can hear is the toads croaking in the nearby swamp, and it smells like a cottage. Emmmmmm, I love that smell. Well I'm going to stop my inadequate description. But it was beautiful! I just wanted to keep jogging slash walking forever! (unfortunately my body wouldn't allow that) These are the times I am just so awestruck by God and his beautiful work and the care he takes to make our surroundings gorgeous. I mean he could've decided to make this earth treeless, plantless, just a bunch of black molten rock or something. But no, He loved us enough to give us something gorgeous to live on. I will be eternally grateful.
Well, I have to babysit this evening. I'm not sure whether I like that fact or not. I think tonight of all nights I'm leaning more towards liking that fact mainly because they have a pool and new hot tub and I was told to bring my bathing suit. Whoopdeedoo! How excellent is that! Every year my sisters and I beg and beg and beg for a hot tub or pool cuz we have the perfect spot for it, but no, we have to resort to waiting til we get asked over to our neighbors. Lol, oh well. Its fine with me :)


Friday, June 04, 2004

Please... avoid PDOAs

Alright, this evening I have a little beef to vent about in this ever-growing blogging world. Public displays of affection. They seem to gross me out. Haha. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for holding hands with your hubbie, or putting your arm around each other. I love seeing two people who look perfect for each other and look in love. But ya know... I can really do without the groping and saliva, and all that jazz. Puh-lease. Now I don't mean to sound like some stupid person ranting about nothing. A couple of days ago, at work, I stepped onto the UP escalator and as I looked up to the second floor there is a man grabbing his woman's butt! To make matters worse this couple were at least in their 70s. Yuck! I mean, it was sweet, this old couple is obviously still in love, but save it for the bedroom people! Haha, they were slightly embarassed when they realized I'd witnessed their little menage-a-deux, it was classic. Anyway! I think I'm done my beef.
Oh, one more thing. Can I make another suggestion? If you ever work in retail, more specifically in the hosiery department, never EVER volunteer to clean out the drawers underneath. Because of inventory starting next week where this pack of dudes in blue shirts come in and count every single item we have in the store practically we have to organize everything and get it ready for them. Well, I open the first drawer. BMPH! (Tal... you understand :)) It was literally full to the brim and smushed down to fit with loose tights, kneehighs, girdles, and whatnot. Stuff that didn't have prices tags or anything so we had no clue what went where and what was garbage. I almost had a heartache. Thankfull half of the drawers weren't that bad, but at least 2 or 3 more were so bad I just couldn't do anything with them. And to top it off everything is dirty, musty, dusty. Ugh, I felt sick. Anyway, I am happy to say I accomplished a lot and its more than half done. The inventory dudes should be happy.
My little sister is watching Veggie Tales at the moment. Sniff..sniff.. I miss watching the veggie tales. They were my favorite part of sunday school. Ahhhh, Junior Asparagus. Don't you sometimes wish you could go back a few years to when you were in elementary school?!
Going to start another dull, monotous weekend of work and home. Chow! :)


Thursday, June 03, 2004

Who invented work?

My question today is... who in heavens invented work?! Lol, now, its not that I don't like work. Most of the time I love going to work. Selling strollers and car seats can actually be fun! I'm still debating whether its funner than selling shoes, but we'll see. Anyway, some days I want to be at work. But then there are days like today. A day where the sun is shining. It is so beautiful outside and all I want to do is enjoy this God-given day! But no... I have to go and spend my day under flourescent lighting, dig through old boxes of musty baby stuff, and pretty much do absolutely nothing! I accomplished one thing today and that was making 2 display tables look pretty. Whoopdeedoo. When I go in tomorrow I'm going to have to redo them. It's inevitable! So back to my original question. I can't figure out why someone would actually invent work. Lol, how many times have I asked myself and others this. Oh boy.
Also, another piece of advice. Everyone knows that when you buy new shoes you're supposed to work them in first. Well I got new shoes yesterday, exciting!, and cuz I only worked 6 hours today I thought I'd break them in at work. Oh my. My feet look horrible right now, I have open wounds all along where the shoe comes in contact with my foot. Ouch! Thankfully I brought a spare pair just in case so I changed halfway through. But not before the damage was done. Mercy me, my feet are hurting. Lol, but enough complaining. Out to enjoy this marvelous evening. Chow!


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Coffee...late at night...Bad idea.

Alright. Well, here I am. My first official post. How exciting. Whoopdeedoo! Well it is exciting. I can thank Jehan for the peer pressure to start this. Ha! Anyway, for whoever reads this... I'd like to give you a piece of advice. Its profound. Really! Don't have a coffee late at night. Especially not a grande Caramel Macchiato at 9:30 at night... if you expect to sleep that night. I had a Chocolate Chip and Cream Frappucino at about 10:30 a couple of nights ago. It was a lovely coffee trip with my friend Char, but I was up until almost 3 in the morning! And I can tell I'm going to be up late tonight too. Also, because of that coffee this first blog is going to be quite a babble. Thats right babble!Oh boy. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great summer. I miss all of you from Redeemer! But I think I'm finally adjusted to home again. You know, I can relate to all of you who aren't working or have no job at the moment. Ugh. I think I've watched more TV in the past three days then I did in my last semester at Redeemer! I feel like a zombie. But I'm doing some little things in between. To warn my favorite dormmates, you know who you are, I've made this cool set of mini canvases that have Faith, Hope, and Love in chinese lettering on them. My family likes them so I think they look good :). And I've been playing a lot of piano lately too. Oh my, I bought the sheet music for My Immortal by Evanesnce. It is my new favorite song. So beautiful. And I have A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton memorized. So beautiful again. My little sis is taking her grade 9 exam this Monday. Wo. Almost 3 hours of practice a night. I remember why I quit before that!
Sniff...sniff... so the reason I had coffee this evening was cuz I went out with my Deeper Group from last year. Also the reason for those sniff..sniffs. To explain... my church, Unionville Alliance Church, is centered around small groups like little Bible studies so you have a group of people you know at church cuz its kinda huge. Anyway, they do it in the youth group too and so I was part of one the year before I came to Redeemer. They are the best bunch of girls I've ever met. So fun but also so honest and innocent. And the leaders, Karen and Julie, two ultra cool chicks are just so great. Anyway, this evening was their last meeting for this year. I've only met with them a couple times since coming home but they invited me out for this last evening. It was so sad, I love just hanging out with them, and now I will only see them on the rare Sunday mornings that I can catch them! Hmmm... Anyway, maybe I should save some of this chattering for other days so I have something to update this thing with. Alright, I'm done